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My Story

I have been studying self development for well over a decade and have transformed my own mental health, from periods of depression that required medication, to now feeling much more mentally resilient and excited about life.

I heard about Tapping many years ago but dismissed it's benefits as I thought it seemed far too woo-woo. As I've come to be more confident in my self and honour the things that peak my interest, even if they do seem a bit 'out there', I've learnt that the positive impact from EFT is very much real and recent and emerging studies confirm this.

I've worked with many different modalities over the years but EFT has been the biggest game changer by far. It can be extremely effective, particularly in a short space of time. Tapping has helped me to unpack my conditioning, honour my feelings instead of supressing them and become more of my true, authentic self. 

I wholeheartedly believe that wherever you are on your own self discovery journey, I can help you improve your life through using EFT. 

Beth xo

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What Is Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping as it's commonly known as, is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and talking therapy.

Think of it as emotional acupuncture without the needles! We can create acupressure by tapping on our body's meridian points, which interupts our fight-or-flight response, reduces cortisol in the body and calms the nervous system.

We can combine tapping with modern psychology to unpack limiting beliefs, break down negative conditioning and create new neural pathways in the brain that are much more beneficial to us.

EFT is an incredible tool to help with anxiety, stress, phobias, physical pain, cravings, trauma and many other things.

If you're ready to begin the journey, I invite you to click below and see which offering will best best suited for you.

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